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A Crabb Collection
  1. Don’t You Wanna Go?
  2. Through the Fire
  3. Where We’ll Never Die
  4. Jesus In A Song
  5. Not Even A Stone
  6. I Sure Miss You
  7. I’m Running On
  8. I’ve Come To Take You Home
  9. The Lamb, The Lion, and The King
  10. Brothers Forever
  11. Still Holdin’ On
  12. Trail of Tears
  13. Two Little Feet
  14. Somebody Did Some Praying for Me
  15. Final Chapter
  16. Something Going On In The Graveyard
  17. Please Forgive Me
  18. Covered In Red
  19. Redeemed
  20. Walking On the Water
Because it's Christmas
  1. Lets Make a Baby King
  2. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
  3. Christmas in The Country
  4. Mary Did You Know
  5. Don’t Save It All For Christmas Day Strange Way To Save The World
  6. The Christmas Song
  7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  8. Reach Out
  9. Silent Night
Blur the Lines
  1. Shout To The Lord
  2. Friend Of God
  3. Nothing But The Blood
  4. I’d Rather Have Jesus
  5. Champion Of Love I Go To The Rock
  6. Redeemer
  7. Holding Out Hope To You
  8. My Tribute
  9. Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus
  10. One Day
Crabb Family 20
  1. Still Holdin’ On
  2. Please Forgive Me
  3. Trail of Tears
  4. I Sure Miss You
  5. The Lamb, the Lion & The King
  6. Through the Fire
  7. Don’t You Wanna Go?
  8. I’ve Come to Take You Home
  9. That’s No Mountain
  10. The Reason That I’m Standing
  11. Please Come Down to Me
  12. The Walk
  13. The Cross
  14. Greater Is He
  15. I’ve Never Been This Homesick
  16. Shepherd’s Call
  17. He Came Looking for Me
  18. I’d Rather Have Jesus
  19. I Go to the Rock
  20. Redeemer
Crabb Family Letting Go
  1. The Cafe
  2. Give You Praise
  3. Letting Go
  4. Give it All to Him
  5. You Saved Me
  6. Don’t Wait
  7. Child of the King
  8. Holy One
  9. Brothers and Friends
  10. Outspoken
  11. Holy Ghost Stomp
  12. Redeemer Remix
Crabb Family Together Again
  1. Back To The Front Porch
  2. God Has A Plan
  3. You Can’t Do That Anymore
  4. This Is You And Me
  5. If There Ever Was A Time
  6. Come Home
  7. No Problems
  8. I Love You This Much
  9. Life Meets Grace
  10. Say A Prayer
  1. The Lamb, The Lion, and The King
  2. Please Forgive Me
  3. That’s No Mountain
  4. Through The Fire
  5. Still Holdin’ On
  6. I Sure Miss You
  7. Please Come Down To Me
  8. The Reason That I’m Standing
Jason Crabb CD
  1. Somebody Like Me
  2. Walk On Water
  3. Daystar
  4. Worth It All
  5. I Will Love You
  6. Through the Fire
  7. Sometimes I Cry
  8. Hope for Me Yet
  9. One Day at a Time
  10. Ellsworth
  11. No Love Lost
  12. Forever’s End
Jason Crabb Cross Country Outdoors (DVD)

Are you into the hunt? Join Jason on a special trip turkey hunting!

Jason Crabb: Treasures
  1. In the Garden
  2. This Little Light of Mine (featuring Ashleigh Crabb)
  3. The Old Rugged Cross
  4. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  5. When We All Get to Heaven
  6. Lord, I’m Coming Home
  7. It Is Well With My Soul
  8. America The Beautiful
  9. When the Saints Go Marching In
Love is Stronger
  1. Give
  2. What the Blood Is For
  3. Let Mercy Hold You
  4. Living Life Upside Down
  5. Love Is Stronger
  6. Morning
  7. There’s Not a Crown
  8. God’s Up to Something
  9. Love Wins
  10. Near
  11. Satisfied
My Journey

An inside look into the life of one of the most gifted voices in Gospel music. Jason steps onto a set with country superstar “Barbara Mandrell” as they share their heart on faith, family, music and a whole lot more. Hosted by Deborah Evans Price, you’ll learn more about Jason’s family and hear from some of his peers as to their thoughts about this talented young man.

Based on Jason’s book “Trusting God To Get You Through” this documentary reveals stories and places that influenced his life and helped shape and mold Jason into the man he is today.

You not only get the complete documentary, you also get bonus features that include; More with Barbara Mandrell on the set, Under the Shade Tree at Grandma’s House, Just Fun Stuff and a whole lot more. And for the first time ever available on DVD, you will get as an added bonus feature the amazing video “Somebody Like Me”.

Order your copy today (above). Order two and give one to someone you love. It just might be the testimony they need to hear and find out that “Trusting God To Get You Through” is a promise for all of us who believe in Christ!

Best of the Crabb Family - Gaither
  1. The Lamb, The Lion And The King
  2. Greater Is He In Me
  3. The Reason That I’m Standing
  4. That’s No Mountain
  5. Tears Will Never Stain The Streets Of That City
  6. Until I Found The Lord
  7. Please Forgive Me
  8. The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power
  9. I’m Amazed
  10. I Sure Miss You
  11. Still Holdin’ On
  12. Daystar (Shine Down On Me)
  13. I’d Rather Have Jesus/O, How I Love Jesus
  14. Through The Fire

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  1. Revival
  2. Stones
  3. Mountain Top
  4. Walk on water
  5. My King
  6. The Alter still calls
  7. Never Been
  8. Keep Me
  9. If God is for Me
  10. Sister play that tambourine
The Crabb Family Grand Finale

This DVD was previously released as “Live from Knoxville” – a farewell concert from The Crabb Family. If you’re a long-time fan, or know someone who is, this is the video for you!