My Journey


An inside look into the life of one of the most gifted voices in Gospel music. Jason steps onto a set with country superstar “Barbara Mandrell” as they share their heart on faith, family, music and a whole lot more. Hosted by Deborah Evans Price, you’ll learn more about Jason’s family and hear from some of his peers as to their thoughts about this talented young man.

Based on Jason’s book “Trusting God To Get You Through” this documentary reveals stories and places that influenced his life and helped shape and mold Jason into the man he is today.

You not only get the complete documentary, you also get bonus features that include; More with Barbara Mandrell on the set, Under the Shade Tree at Grandma’s House, Just Fun Stuff and a whole lot more. And for the first time ever available on DVD, you will get as an added bonus feature the amazing video “Somebody Like Me”.

Order your copy today (above). Order two and give one to someone you love. It just might be the testimony they need to hear and find out that “Trusting God To Get You Through” is a promise for all of us who believe in Christ!