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Unexpected - LP Version


Now you can get Jason’s new Unexpected album on vinyl! Choose your special collector’s edition LP copy or grab LP and CD for just 9.99 more! REMINDER: This is a vinyl record and not a CD. Please choose the cd here if that’s what you’re looking for.


Expect The Unexpected
You Chose To Be My Friend (with Gary LeVox)
Short Are The Years
Washed By The Water


Day One
Let It Be Love (with Kaya Jones)
He Made You
The Love In Your Heart Knows The Way (Exclusive LIVE LP Version)

Please note that the LP contains a different song listing from the CD version of Unexpected.



Looking for the collector’s edition vinyl LP? Click here to buy it along with the CD!

  1. Expect the Unexpected
  2. Day One
  3. You Chose To Be My Friend (featuring Gary LeVox)
  4. Mercy We Can’t Go Beyond
  5. Let it Be Love (with Kaya Jones)
  6. Short Are The Years
  7. Washed By The Water
  8. He Made You
  9. Love Will Have the Final Word
  10. The Love In Your Heart Knows The Way
Whatever the Road
  1. Never Gonna Let Me Go
  2. Chance For A Miracle
  3. He Knows What He’s Doing
  4. If I Shout
  5. He Won’t Leave You There
  6. Home
  7. This Life For You
  8. It’s A Good Life
  9. Opened Up My Eyes
  10. Mysterious Ways